The Story

Born in the fire of the counterculture movement of the 1960s, the Children of God was a spiritual revolution fueled by all-out commitment to God and the Great Commission.

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The Way of Life

Embracing the New Testament model of communalism, the Children of God had “all things common” and developed a unique alternative society.

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The Message

Circling the globe with the Gospel message in literature, song, skits, street plays and performances, their message was uncompromising and unconventional.

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The Legacy

In their brief history, their commitment to live by faith in modern times, following in the footsteps of Jesus’ early disciples, resulted in millions being reached with the Gospel message.

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  1. Prayer - Huntington Beach, California - 1968-1969
  2. Brazil band
  3. Children of God bus
  4. Detroit
  5. Elisabethtown, Kentucky
  6. Zion Colony
  7. Faithy and Jeremiah Singer
  8. Sackcloth vigil
  9. Faithy and "Les Enfants de Dieu"
  10. Martha on vigil
  11. Aaron
  12. Samson Warner
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